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Whether you want to invest in a new business or hope to sell an existing company, a professional business broker is the key to making your dream a reality. Jeff Bracegirdle and his “RE/MAX Business Brokers” team take a hands-on approach to help every client achieve their goals. As part of a global network of business brokers, Jeff has unlimited resources available to facilitate any business sale or purchase.

As the founder, leader, and repetitively the annual highest-ranking business sales broker, Jeff Bracegirdle has a proven record of success. Jeff is passionate about business sales and his one-on-one approach has earned him an international reputation as the best business broker in New Zealand.

In 2015, Jeff transitioned to devoting 100 percent of his time to selling businesses in New Zealand. After years of successfully developing and training his awarding winning team, he announced that whilst being available to lead the team his time would now be fully dedicated to assisting clients throughout New Zealand and customers both nationally and internationally achieve their goals and objectives.



Why Choose New Zealand RE/MAX Business Brokers?

  • Instant connection to a vast network of buyers and sellers
  • One-on-one customer care for potential buyers
  • Innovative approach for potential sellers
  • 30+ years background in Chartered Accountancy Internationally
  • Guaranteed confidentiality of sensitive commercial information

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The RE/MAX Competitive Advantage

Did you know that RE/MAX is the largest real estate company in the world? You can find 8,000 offices and over 135,000 sales professionals working for RE/MAX in 115 countries around the world. With a global network of buyers and sellers, there are unlimited resources to make your business dreams come true.

RE/MAX has dedicated commercial brokers in 50 percent of the countries shown above. What sets us aside is the fact that we have been preparing for a large influx of migrants and returning Kiwis since early 2021 as a result of the global effects of COVID-19 and whilst this has taken a little longer for the N.Z. government to facilitate the influx, the immigration changes announced in September 2021 will see that pool of returning Kiwis from overseas flow into New Zealand by the thousand and migrants being granted visas again in the thousands, all of which means our RE/MAX agents in 115 countries have been ready to connect as with their clients moving to New Zealand to buy business – businesses such as yours?


RE/MAX Commercial Services in New Zealand

Jeff Bracegirdle and his team of business brokers offer a wide spectrum of services, including:

  • Business Sales
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Franchise Sales and Recruitment
  • Buyer Mandates
  • Commercial, Retail, and Industrial Property Sales


Hall of Fame

RE/MAX International has recognized the New Zealand’s Business Broker Team as its number one commercial team outside of the US and Canada. In fact, Jeff Bracegirdle and his team have received this recognition for this achievement annually for total of seven (7) years! Never ever achieved – something others can only dream about!

If you are looking for the best business broker to assist you in your next business sale or purchase, contact Jeff today! With extensive knowledge of business sales and many years of experience, his proven record of success speaks for itself and may add value beyond your expectations.